Oct 28, 2010

The 31st, F.N. Stein

The 31st
Frank N. Stein

Boo! Time to get dressed up!
Eat some candy too!
Then walk around again and get some more candy.
Jump in the leaves
Then carve out a pumpkin
And put a candle in it
The doorbell rang
Another trick-o-treater
Cinderella, Batman, and the Statue of Liberty
Quite a trio.
Smiles all around
There they go.
Time for hot chocolate
What's on TV?

The Third Party... H. Johnson

The Third Party
by Hilary Johnson

When it gets dark it's time for me to go to bed. I don't like watching television. It's too scary. All murder mystery and guns. I like the sex part but not that much. So I lay there in bed. Sometimes I read but it hurts my eyes and it's hard to find good books sometimes. So anyways I sit there and just look at the wall most of the time. And I talk to myself. But one day I heard an answer. And I looked at my cat and said, "Did you hear that?" And she said, "I didn't hear nothing you crazy old coot." And I said, "Don't be rude, kitty." And she said, "Whatever." Then a ghost tapped me on the shoulder and said, "That was me that you heard. I've been sitting here for ten years and finally decide to speak." I said,"I'm sorry, but I didn't even hear what you said." The ghost smiled and leaned in close to me and whispered, "I love you."

Gnomes, G. Kelly

by Geoffrey Kelly

Teeny Weenie suckers and a pretty little pie in the summmer when it's snowing count to seven tell a lie. Eat a pancake paint a fence. fart on pillows. Alabama. Stinky dog. Hairy pudding, in a blanket. Hairy lips. Even flow. Where did they go?

Hours of Lonely, Anonymous

Hours of Lonely

i see a reflection
of hate and indecision
temptation, doubt
belonging of vomit
rubbish and treasures all one
oh brother
give me a beer

Jack, E.Ping

by Evan Ping

He is looking at the dinner
He is thinking of a time
When the pennies cost a nickle
And the flour cost a dime
He is hungry
He is waiting
He is knowing
He will shine
All you do is light a candle
He is smiling so sublime