Sep 3, 2013

Deck, G.Roush


By Georgina Roush

My husband takes weeks to fix the porch
He removes one board at a time
It's dangerous walking down of course
And the mailman doesn't speak kind
But he drills and hammers and screws the porch
And he saws and he paints and he primes
It's nice that he cares to keep up the porch
But I think he should focus on me of course
Because he is the muse of mine

Balloon, M. Kreas


By Melvin Kreas

last weekend, a beautiful late summer day, I was outside just tooling around in the yard with my toddler son. my son rushed over to me suddenly laughing and carrying a bouquet of helium balloons. "Where did these come from?" I asked. my son just grinned and punched the balloons. there were three balloons. they were blue and black and one said Happy 60th Birthday. the other two said Happy 30th. I laughed along with my son. these balloons had escaped some birthday party. maybe from miles away. but they decided to find us here. I couldn't just throw them in the garbage. I cut their ribbons off and they were light enough to fly high again. and they disappeared over the horizon. maybe returning home to their party. "Bye Bye!" my son waved at the balloons.

Busy Heavens, P. Louten

Busy Heavens

By Paul Louten

A fly buzzes by my ear
The screen is broken
What is he flying around
Looking for food?
For a way out?
He's so busy
And loud
If his wings bother my ears
He must be completely deaf
But he keeps buzzing
He's so busy