Mar 21, 2011

Sushi is the Devil, D.Batten

Sushi is the Devil
By Delores Batten

There is a bird that is dying because there is a crab that is dying because it is being used as bait used to catch eels that are being eaten and dying to feed people in the form of sushi. I hate sushi.

Filth at Work, T.Giovanni

Filth at Work
By Thomas Giovanni

Steve let it rip and calmly waited to see how bad it smelt. He had eaten red meat the night before and after being a vegetarian for the last six months feared how his stomach would react to the blow.
It was hard for him to fart at work. It was a small office. And usually anyone who farted would be ostracized with dirty looks and later exclusion from their order for the dunkin donuts run. Not that Steve could drink any coffee right now. Just the thought of the warm black poop stimulant made his stomach growl.
He was still waiting for the smell to rise to his nose when Sarah came in from the other room to ask about a shipper Steve knew well. A bead of sweat formed on Steve balding head. Sarah was a beautiful young women.
"Steve, you work with GregCo, right? Out of Atlant-- oh my GOD!"
She covered her nose with the office papers in her hand and shot out of the room. When she turned her skirt shot up and Steve noticed some lacy black panties. Thoughts of sex calmed his stomach and he wallowed in his sweet foul odor fog as he googled online porn.

Blueberry Regulations, S. Jackson

Blueberry Regulations
By Samantha Jackson

I've been around these parts for some time now and again and again I am always put off by all these yahoos talking all this junk about the president of the order of the blueberries. Now I say this hear county has plenty of dadgummed blueberries so why the sam hey we gotta have any types of filantherpistin on em. i say let the blueberries grow free just like the holy ghost an all them other say and for another let anybody who wants to eat them. That's what the president says too and i concur completely. them damn antoxidents is good fer braincells and junk.

Spring, Unknown

By Unknown

There's a hammer in the distance dear Liza, dear Liza. There's a hammer in the distance Dear Liza, a hammer. Ah, spring the return of construction noise. Wah wah.

Time and Again, E.Johnson

Time and Again
By Eric Johnson

Even Steven
Nelly Rose
Hit the pavement pay the pros
Stick a needle in the pain
Start a season over again