Mar 21, 2013

Fuss, M.Nives


By Michelle Nives

Runny nose
All the symptoms mother knows
Wipe your face
And touch your toes
Eat your veggies
Rips and sews
Baby grows

In the Cold Morning, B.Jacobs

In the Cold Morning

By Brian Jacobs

March is an fickle tease.
Bipolar, really.
One day is warm as August, the next is cold as January.
But even Mother Nature needs transition.
And a month is not so long.
It may be cold in the morning but the sun is bright at the dinner table.
The only certain evidence that spring lingers.

Watch, K.Rivers


by Kelly Rivers

Follow the legs bead down the glass
Snow accumulates on the street
Television strobes the ceiling
While the baby sleeps
And the sun sets