Feb 2, 2011

Untitled, M.Dunlap

By Murray Dunlap

To be tempted by normalcy
Is to be drawn to a quivering light
Often causing painful burns
That certainly leave scars
And while unique
Not cool
Among other kids
...And so drawn to pain
We huddle in agony
With little relief

Smell of the Sea, T.Mahony

Smell of the Sea
By Tom Mahony

“What’s that smell?” my son asked as we walked along the sand.
“The smell of the sea, Laddie,” I said in my best salty brogue.
“The what?”
“Kelp.” I pointed to the slippery brown piles near the high tide line. “Washed ashore by winter storms.”
The boy frowned. “It stinks. Let’s go home.”
“Ignore the smell and consider this. Kelp is like a forest under the sea. It grows two feet a day, changes the light and chemistry of the oceans, and provides food and shelter for countless animals. It dampens currents and chop, great for surfing. People use it in toothpaste and ice cream and tons of other things. It’s incredible stuff.”
The boy listened closely, eyes widening as he studied the kelp and nodded.
Then he turned to me. “It stinks. Let’s go home.”

Dream Reel, K.Bean

Dream Reel
By Kyrsten Bean

Laughing into the galaxy of banal wishes she pulls a dream reel from the sky. Wraps a purple streak around her wrist and pulls it into the morning. Awakened by the restless pulses it emits she tumbles backwards into an upside-down world that is unremitting and iridescent. Calm. There is no future in this moment, she cries. There is only now. The purple streak clutches tightly, holding on for dear life. She drags it out into the garden where it tugs itself through snapdragons, lilacs and climbing wisteria. The ivy sparkles with moisture. Get lost, she calls.

Bombs, G. Norton

By Greg "g-nasty" Norton

big old bombs dropping on ya ass
cause I know what I want and i got all the class
so pick up the spliff smoke it up like a chimney
got the the best laugh that i heard so you win me
lets hang out like wet sheets on the line
and get em dirty again cause baby you so fine

Drink, H. Gordon

By Heath Gordon

I think I'd make a good alcoholic. I would just start drinking around noon, then I'd keep drinking and drinking. I gotta watch my daughter during the day but she wouldn't notice. We'd have a good old time and paint and draw and laugh about cartoons on tv. I probably wouldn't read to her that much. Well maybe I would, I just wouldn't actually read. I'd look at the pictures and make the story up. Not that I can't read when I'm drunk. But reading is kind of boring. Well so is watching a 4-year old. That's why I'm getting drunk. And I'd probably pass out, which is cool since me and the kid nap in the afternoon anyway. Then I'd sleep off the major buzz and wake up when the wife got home from work noticing nothing out of the ordinary at all.