Feb 28, 2013

D-Penny, G. Float

D-Penny (excerpt)

by G. Float

G-Float coming up to rich
Girls scoping out the sitch
Gonna pop a snitch
If he sniffin in my bizz-niss
So can I can I can I can I can I get a witness
24 hours making money like a sickness

Sick Puppies, J. Schroeder

Sick Puppies
by Janet Schroeder

There are vial little monsters roaming the narrow halls of that ghost town dump. The good jobs crossed the border so the modern citizens are degenerate leftovers, poor uneducated shells of their close ancestors. They wear t-shirts for every occasion and utter profane, limited vocabulary in sentence fragments. So sad to admit these earthlings are the countrymen of one nation. The television must go, as should most internet connections, before a healing can begin.

Untold Riches, R.Garner

Untold Riches
by Rob Garner

Where are these untold riches I was told of as a young
man of thirteen years, the story came off of the tongue
of a man who was so old he had quit counting all the years
that flew right by his eyes faster than bullets bringing tears.
I searched for that damn treasure till my knees and eyes were red.
I must have forgot something that he said.