Nov 13, 2013

Lift, F. Westergard

by Fred Westergard

Find a thought that draws a smile
Find a picture of yourself
When you were confident
When you found the world
Why did you believe?
That power is still there
Inside you
Find it
And hold it
Don't fart
Ignore what your butt tells you
Now go

Remember, K. Dery

by Kate Dery

Memories that last for decades, the ones we don't even know why we remember. Maybe from early childhood or during a terrible crisis. A stumbling adolescence or pride pinnacle. Finding an old photograph. Those memories take us places we can't explain. They are undefined. Those memories are heaven and hell.

Try, G.Jacobs

by Gabe Jacobs

Ignore your dreams
And lose your soul
Never feel
Then keep sleeping
Stand up
Or drown
Fall down
Then keep crawling