Apr 1, 2009

Cosmic Unity, M.Sefler

Cosmic Unity
By Michaela Sefler

Cosmic significance,
through the power of the elements,
contained within is unique potential,
each man allowing accordingly.

Before his own eyes,
through nature, wonders unfold
gifts from within, materialize.

Inherent are the steps,
From one single point

Through the elements
causes interpreting on earth,
creation in the course of development,
new steps advance in the world of action.

I am a Loser, M.Russell

I am a Loser
By Maranda Russell

I am a loser
my life really sucks
I spend my life cleaning
turds off of ducks.
I have no friends
cause my underarms stink
I wish I was drunk
but I'm too poor to drink.
My cat, he hates me
my dog rolls his eyes
I'm under surveillance
by government spies.
I wish you would shoot me
but you'd go to jail
and I'd still be a loser
just sitting in Hell.

Forgetful Fisherman, J.DeMarco

The Forgetful Fisherman
By Joseph DeMarco

The forgetful fisherman was as wise as he was forgetful.
Some even said that he used to be a Zen Master,
but that was along time ago and he had forgotten about that.
Early one morning a little boy approached the fisherman asking him for advice.
"Sir, my father would like me to help on the boat, but I am fearful of the ocean."
"Every time I get near it, I am desperately afraid. What should I do?"
The fisherman sat contemplating the boy's problem.
Finally he spoke, 'My child, You have to learn to control your FEAR."
"No, that's not it!!!" He said interrupting himself.
There was a long period of silence,
and the boy was unsure if the fisherman had fallen asleep.
Finally, he opened his eyes and spoke, "You have to learn to eliminate your FEAR,"
But quickly corrected himself again by yelling, "STRIKE THAT!!!"
This time there was an even longer silence
and the boy sat and watched
as the sun changed horizons
The boy thought the fisherman had forgotten about his problem
and was about to get up and leave when the fisherman spoke again,
"You have to learn to destroy your FEAR."
But was quick to point out, "Oh, Lord no that's not it!!!"
"Neither do you need to learn to bury it," he added quickly
and then was silent for a long time.
The boy sat with the fisherman until the evening started to creep up on them,
The sun was about to kiss the ocean, giving the sky a tangerine haze.
The boy really needed to go Now!
As he got up the forgetful fisherman told him "STOP!"
"FEAR is a sickness that crawls inside of you and dies," said the fisherman.
"The SICKNESS grows," he continued.
"It penetrates,
your every being,
leaving you,
in a constant state of FEAR.
Making you its servant,
You need to learn to release your FEAR."
'Is that it?" the boy asked getting up to leave.
Let me think about it," the forgetful fisherman replied.

Old Frustrated Thought, M.Johnson

I Am Old Frustrated Thought
By Michael Johnson

I am old frustrated thought
I look into my once eagle eyes
and find them dim before my dead mother,
I see through clouded egg whites with days
passing by like fog feathers.
I trip over old experiences and expressions,
try hard to suppress them or revisit them;
I'm a fool in my damn recollections,
not knowing what to keep and what to toss out--
but the dreams flow like white flour and deceive
me till they capture the nightmare of the past images
in a black blanket wrapped up
and wake me before my psychiatrist.
I only see this nut once every three months.
It is at times like these I know not where I walk
or venture. I trip over my piety and spill my coffee cup.
I seek sanctuary in the common place of my nowhere life.
It is here the days pass and the years slip like ice cubes--
solid footing is a struggle in the socks of depression.
I am old frustrated thought;
passing by like fog feathers.


Deep Rural Tract, VL Moore

A Deep Rural Tract (Excerpt)
By Viney Loretta Moore


Mama was a sick woman, she wont right since we lost our two young brothers in the barn fire…Mama…felt guilty ‘cause she left the boys home to po..lay…while we was all out workin’ in the fields. They was playin’ with matches in the barn…’n’…everything caught fire…includin’ Tommy ‘n’ James. After that, mama was lost to the world. Mama used ta be carryin’ ‘round the onliest toys of the boys, like the toys was them. Then, she started runnin’ off from the house…goin’ into the bayous where the cypress trees was…and she thought they was her Indian relatives…She used ta say that the boys was there bein’ takin’ care of by her people……


Your Honor, I’d like to call another witness to the stand, please.


You may. Witness dismissed.

(Sharonlee leaves weeping)


I would like to have Mr. Robert (Bo) McMillan come to the stand please.

(Bo goes up, takes oath)


Prosecutor, you may proceed.

(Willis enters loud and drunk)


(Admonishes Willis)

Willis, why you come here like this. I don’t know what your problem is, but you betta keep it down. Jest look at you, you ain’t in no shape to be at your father’s trial.



Now..yall would..dent..want me…ta missss…the..fi…anl..day of…dad…dy’s..tri…alll, now would…yall?


You, young man, are creating a disturbance. If you cannot conduct yourself in a proper manner I will ask you to leave this courtroom?

(Willis takes a seat, settles down)



I’m goin’ for a smoke….


Sharonlee, run ya sister Jonelle outta the ladies’ room while you at it. If you don’t, long’s it’s a wall mirror, she’ll be in there.


So ole Doctor Bills’watchin’ ov…ver…ole daddy, huh? Toooo bad…oleDoctor Bill wont able ta come…help…mama…Nobody was…ab…ble ta rescue her….



I must have total silence from the entire McMillan family, or I will stop this proceeding.

(Then to Prosecutor)

You may proceed with questioning.


Mr. McMillan, I would like to ask you a few questions concerning the weapon used which took your mother’s life.

(Bo nods)

Were you familiar with the weapon, a 30-caliber rifle?


It was one of the sev’rl firearms my daddy keeps ‘round the house. We was all hunters.


(Pacing, stops abruptly)

Hunting season’s, autumn in Mississippi. I always thought it was.

(Mr. Huntley enters)


It would appear that Wilbur McMillan had no reason to have his rifle loaded. I’m a hunter too, Mr. McMillan, you get it ready to use…..


Daddy was on the lookout for a fox what kept killin’ chickens. Mama knew it was loaded, and went and got that shotgun…

(Breaks down)


Prosecutor you nailed it… the fox in the henhouse was Wilbur McMillan…I’m gittin’ the hell outta here….

(Rises; staggers out)


Quiet! It is now up ta the jury to decide if Wilbur McMillan is responsible for the shooting death of his wife, Lurene McMillan.


All I haveta say is my brother betta be found innocent.

(Places arm around her shoulder)

Rose, Wilbur’s innocent as the day is long.(Scene Ends)

Peace, SAJ Drake

By Steven Adam 'Joaquin' Drake

Peace is an abstract element of thought
Brought to its practicality by free thinking
In a uniform process of understanding
To its fruition... A fragment of free thinking,
Expanded upon to its relevancy for a
Free society.

A means hopefully to a productive end
That redefines itself through additional
Knowledge. A paradigm modeled off of
Universal concepts that are constantly
Expanding as we are learning more
About ourselves.

Challenged as must -in trust-
Discerning the remnants of time...
Here on earth subliminal sublime.
At test of the light's epiphanies to
Shine for peace to stay alive...
In heart, mind and soul divine!

Night Birth, C.Ward

Night Birth
By Christian Ward

The upside down
patio table in the dumpster,
a calf that fell from the moon.

Cars travel like the three wise men,
each driver peering at the sight
as if it might have some meaning

in their lives spinning like compass
needles uncertain of themselves.

Grotto, JC Scott

By Jess C Scott

I watch you pray
From my seat at the pew
You look so focused
and at peace
That should be the
way at least.
Hymn, hymns
Sermon, sermons
I'd rather be there with you
2 minutes
equivalent to 52 sit-ins
at Church
out of