Jul 26, 2010

Feast, M.Rees

By MaryWillow Rees

We prepare the bed as for a feast
Smoothing the sheets in preparation,
The appetizer

As we slowly work our way through the meal we never want to end
Lingering over courses interspersed with conversation
Savoring each delectable morsel
Laughing with delight then
Beginning again
Never full, often satiated

I don’t remember sharing food or wine with you
We feast

Letter, W.Irving

By Washington Irving

Dear Mary,




Right and Good, M.Dunlap

Right and Good
By Murray Dunlap

Ok, so what have I done? Tried to be a good human being and tried hard not to let anyone down. So. Fear I guess. I simply did not want to be responsible for another’s loss. Fear? Strange to be that way, but I assume we all are. Kids trying to be “part” of something. All kids do. And hope to do something good. Right and good. It’s all I know to believe in. Right and good.
The times I have felt most like I’ve accomplished something were when I was a teenager and my team was the State Champion of Track and Field in Alabama. Now, I can’t remember exactly who did what. All I know is that standing with a team of good friends and accepting a trophy for the state championship made me feel that I was a part of something. Now, I’ve had my moments as a writer, but that has nothing to do with a team. Back when I was on a track team with my coach Jim Tate, I felt like I had helped us do something. I was a part of something. It felt good. And my clearest memory is the team needing a few more points, and I, of all people, tried pole vault to get us needed points. And so I did. Amazing to imagine that now. I was in a horrible accident and have trouble walking and cannot run, much less pole vault! But I admit it feels good to know I could at one time keep the balance and speed needed to lift my body about 15 feet in the air and twirl around in order to land on a red mat on my back. Amazing. I cannot run a single step now, so to me, this is literally an impossible act. Pole Vault... Unbelievable! I’ll admit, I’m proud. And of course, proud to have been blessed with such a damn good man and excellent coach such as Jim Tate. The man was in Sports Illustrated for winning so many state championships... I’m in awe. Really. It is as if I was on a miracle team of so many kids doing things they were not supposed to be able to do. A circus of unexpected excellence.
And right and good.

Kite, B.Hornfeld

by Brad Hornfeld

Flapping plastic catching air, higher
String unwinding
Heat bites my fingertips
Feet sprinting, higher
String ends its lift
Tugging at sunned peak like a hooked bass

The Sour Sense...L.Jones

The Sour Sense Of You
by Larry Jones

hell yes, I'm happy to be retired,

I no longer have to look
into your hypocritical eyes,

no longer have to smell
your bullshit attitude,

no longer have to listen
to your hateful heart,

no longer have to be touched
by your fear,

even though

I will always have the sour taste
of your essence,

in my brain.