Mar 6, 2008

Bleeding Breeding America, R.Withrow

Bleeding Breeding America
by Richie Withrow

Breeding America,
bleeding breathing plastic people seeking freedom skin to disintegrate their lonesome fate, praying their hate sinless in the cold winter
kissing underneath mistletoe watching fireworks explode,
escaping the deep,
floating on commercial waves
rowing their boat from the tide that takes them to the endless bottom,
Exhausted from the tales of rotting souls full of bright diamonds,
moving mindless one foot in front of the other
stepping into the path of temporary lovers;
Exploring their colorful covers,
reading the words to death,
on to the next book looking for the hidden form of fire
to hide behind your back to burn the next.
Blessed with bedtime stories,
mourning the morning sun that comes up and reveals your make-up smeared pillow cases. Taking the space in your nine to five,
suit and tie closet watching the dancing robots clean their desks and wash their shiny cars
hoping that the glimmer of the stars reflect off of the dissected screen of disaster,
subconsciously scoping their last breath,
soaked in dead end day dreams pleading for a moonless sky
choking on the medicine that floods their cabinets masking their sickly habits,
All sick to their stomach but still smiling wide
hiding their inside pain that drains out their dirty mouths.
- I can no longer sleep
Because I hear these silent screams that tic tock like clockwork every second,
A revolution will begin that was once a dream,
and we will make the difference.