Dec 3, 2008

Just, P.Kanev

By Peycho Kanev

I was driving the truck today
on the express way
passing by people with expensive cars
expensive lives stupid dreams
everybody is nobody here
we don’t care about each other
like the eagle don’t care about the fly
or the flower
oh just this blue-collar dead end job
just this bottle in my fridge that keep me
going for one more day
does anybody here on this road care that I
have been read all the great books
and I am still reading in the night
that I speak 4 languages
that I have the ability to love
as the lion rips a piece of flesh from
the zebra
but nobody don’t even know my name
and we keep driving
everyone sinking in their own stupid world
I reach a prison bus
and I look at the faces at the windows
and they seem happy to me

I am thinking that maybe they did not
convey the right person
but I wasn’t completely