Jun 8, 2009

Mirror, P.C.Wyatt

By P.C. Wyatt

The child looked into the mirror
A world in smooth cold glass
Grey hair, faded eyes, a stranger’s skin

Tears fall like snowflakes
One or two at first
Shining in the fading light
They form two silver tracks down this unknown face

Blood flows like the tide
No longer stirred by frenzied storms
Of fear and passion and hate
For these things leave no trace

Time is cruel and unrelenting
There is no escape, no respite
No surrender, no victory
No beginning
No end

Blood and tears have dried to dust
No more snowflakes fall
The silver tarnished
The sea is still and calm
Wild waves long forgotten

And between tears, and blood, and dust
A child looks in the mirror
Smooth and cold
And wonders how he got so old