Jul 7, 2009

Deep Well Story, N.Melissa

Deep Well Story
By N. Melissa @ HoneyBee

A spider limped by, grumbling to me
“It was a beauty, such a pity.
A bloody fool decided to spoil it for me.
My preys were writhing, while I plan dessert,
but now all is gone, all in the wind.”
Then it exclaimed when it saw that it was me,
the bloody fool who fell in and through the Web.
“Alas it was you, what a bloody fool indeed!”
And so I apologized and admitted my state
while it huffed away, much disgusted.

A fly buzzed over, exclaiming to me,
“Oh my, oh my! Why, it’s my savior here I see!
Thank you Good Sir or it’s the end of me.
But then my Good Sir, you’re not too good yourself.”
And I admitted, “Yes indeed, I don’t feel good indeed.”
“It’s alright, it’s alright, Good Sir don’t you fret!
My friends and I, we’ll take good care of you.
Surely I’ll tell them of you and my gratitude!
For now you wait here while I spread such to them.”
And so it buzzed off, full of such gratitude.

A worm popped by, staring up at me.
“Ah dear me, you’re my second shock for the day.
But I’ll tell you anyway, that the sky is falling!
The chunks had just fallen; there’s the large and the small.
First the large then the smalls, and spared me just by inch!
Had I not looked up, I may have ended up like you.”
I told him, “I’m glad that you managed to make it.”
To which it beamed and wiggled away.

A mouse bumped its’ head and squeaked to me,
“Whatever in the world are you doing in here?”
So I said “I’m sorry” for being in its’ way,
saying that I was lost while looking for some cheese.
“Ah, I see, I see. It happens to me too,” said the mouse to me.
“So I do understand. And those awful traps that they set up for me,
I’m lucky to be here, still able to run free.”
I told it “How lucky” and it agreed heartily
Then off it scurried, after offering bits of its cheese.

An owl perched above, peering down on me.
“Have you by chance, seen a mouse with a cheese?
It ran from your cellar, scared by the lots of you there.
How lucky of me, he jumped in like you did.”
So I told him “I’m sorry, indeed I did see,
But as now you can see, there’s no other but me.”
for I pitied my new friend who gave me some of its cheese.
The owl sighed and flapped away muttering,
“I needn’t to be told what a blind fool I am like you”

“Ah there he is!” I heard them from above,
after all the voices that I made up in my head.
“That ungrateful bastard, who tried to steal our cheese.
Like his unworthy old hag, always up to no good!”
“But we got him Momma, got him for good!“
“What a fool indeed, thinking that he too owns the food.”
“How lucky for us, he’s a fool and he jumped.
There’ll be no need of a funeral, as the priest will condemn.”
And then they walked away, talking about cheese for dinner.