Feb 21, 2010

Heart Beat Away, N.Liron

A Heart Beat Away
By Nomi Liron

What does your latest invention do?” Susan asked, as she stood at her office door.

Well,” Harry explained, “My device is something like a reverse pacemaker. When placed within fifteen feet of a person, it disrupts the electric currents which control the heart muscle and sends the person’s heart into defibrillation. The person falls over with an apparent heart attack and dies.”

Can it work through doors or windows?”

“Of course, currents are not deterred by substances. Think about lightening striking a person. The current passes through the flesh. I used lightening as my model when first developing the Heart Throb”.

Can it kill animals as well as humans?

“Of course, I used birds as my test objects.”

“You know, Harry. I don’t think this is a good idea. It sounds very dangerous. I think you should take it apart. You could get angry with someone and in a fit a temper kill them.

Harry smiled and aimed his device in her direction. “Or merely irritated,” he said, watching her grab at her chest and fall over dead.