Jul 26, 2010

Right and Good, M.Dunlap

Right and Good
By Murray Dunlap

Ok, so what have I done? Tried to be a good human being and tried hard not to let anyone down. So. Fear I guess. I simply did not want to be responsible for another’s loss. Fear? Strange to be that way, but I assume we all are. Kids trying to be “part” of something. All kids do. And hope to do something good. Right and good. It’s all I know to believe in. Right and good.
The times I have felt most like I’ve accomplished something were when I was a teenager and my team was the State Champion of Track and Field in Alabama. Now, I can’t remember exactly who did what. All I know is that standing with a team of good friends and accepting a trophy for the state championship made me feel that I was a part of something. Now, I’ve had my moments as a writer, but that has nothing to do with a team. Back when I was on a track team with my coach Jim Tate, I felt like I had helped us do something. I was a part of something. It felt good. And my clearest memory is the team needing a few more points, and I, of all people, tried pole vault to get us needed points. And so I did. Amazing to imagine that now. I was in a horrible accident and have trouble walking and cannot run, much less pole vault! But I admit it feels good to know I could at one time keep the balance and speed needed to lift my body about 15 feet in the air and twirl around in order to land on a red mat on my back. Amazing. I cannot run a single step now, so to me, this is literally an impossible act. Pole Vault... Unbelievable! I’ll admit, I’m proud. And of course, proud to have been blessed with such a damn good man and excellent coach such as Jim Tate. The man was in Sports Illustrated for winning so many state championships... I’m in awe. Really. It is as if I was on a miracle team of so many kids doing things they were not supposed to be able to do. A circus of unexpected excellence.
And right and good.