Apr 15, 2008

Envy the Beast, K.McIntyre

Envy the Beast
by Katherine McIntyre

All consuming, overwhelming,
its whimsical green tendrils,
carving bags under my eyes and
furrowing my brow.

Vines threatening to choke,
they cast a spell upon my senses,
until drowning in a plethora
Of futility; sludge-like steps.

I am entangled more than ever
down this path of putrid entropy,
Stumbling as I perceive
hazy thoughts that bring much agony.

My syrupy cough contaminated,
Like bile in my throat,
I choke to see what I imagined,
vile tragedy, my mouth offended,

The vines descend in endless spirals
carrying their circular disease,
my fingers grasp upon some logic,
and small sentimentality.

Within my grasp is truth and honesty,
As my clinging vines snap,
A thought of loyalty between us