Apr 30, 2008

Give Pizza Chants, M.Adomaitis

Give Pizza Chants
by Mark Adomaitis

Five days a week at our desks working from nine to five,
Yet only at lunchtime do we all come alive;
Jill shouts “Burgers!” - Jane yells “Fish!” - they sing and even dance;
Yet I am victorious, giving pizza chants…
Give me a piece of pizza please!
Don't make me get down on my knees!
Double sausage and extra cheese
and pile on those anchovies!

It’s Sunday, we’re at the bar, the score is nine to eight,
Yet only at half-time do we communicate;
Bob shrieks “Tacos!” – Bill yelps “Subs!” - I take my same old stance;
I always get what I want, giving pizza chants…
Give me pizza or give me death!
No, I am not on crystal-meth!
Let garlic be on my last breath
or heads will roll like in Macbeth!

Now you’re home, the day is done, what would you like to eat?
You and your precious loved ones begin to compete;
She says burgers, he wants fish - but I’ll tell in advance:
You’ll always be the winner giving pizza chants…
Give me P-I-double Z-A!
Let's order two pies - What the hey?!
Don't let me be in disarray-
Look! Here they come! Hip, hip hooray!

Mark Adomaitis