May 28, 2008

Lost in Time, J.J.Fay

Lost in time
By Jennifer Joan Fay

Skin with becoming aging signs
Something only told by lost time
Thoughtless thoughts
And a heartless soul
An emotionless mind
Destroyed by time
So confused, so unaware
Such a lost soul without a care.
Forbidden Love
The sun in it's fiery glare
How I love it's warmth
Solace, consoling
Yet not nearly as comforting as your soothing arms.
Your heart beating close to mine
With every waking breath you take
Don't make me feel as though this has been a mistake.
Anxiously awaiting you
The torrential pour
The howling winds
The silent line
The endless whines
Anticipating seeing you
Anxiously awaiting home
Awaiting your touch
Your elated kiss
As the clock slowly winds
It gets slower with each waking time
The slow quiet room
Yet gabbing away
The tired eyes
And the anxious await.