May 28, 2008

Our World Our Duty, N.Kabir

Our World, Our Duty
by Nabila Kabir
It would be a much happier place to dwell in –
To inhabit,
If people would just walk as far as a trash can –
To throw away their garbage.
It would be a less complicated place to live,
If people were busy doing their jobs
Instead of –
Finding excuses of not getting it done.
Now tell me –
Am I not right?
If, when walking, we didn’t have to step over
Empty soda cans and old flyers
In our every step.
Wouldn’t it be a prettier place to occupy,
To reside in,
If honesty filled our hearts?
Why is it that once someone drops their phone,
They loose hope of ever finding it?
Why is it that,
There are security guards
In front of every door of a simple store like
Do we not see the world in which we breathe in –
The world in which we stroll in –
is filled with filth?
Now tell me –
Is the filth not a result of our actions?
Because we would rather steal –
Than buy.
Because we would rather lie –
Than then tell the truth.
Honesty is rare and –
Loiterers are common.
The reason our work never gets done
Is because we are lazy.
The reason our wallet gets stolen
Is because of our dishonesty.
So next time you walk by a trash –
Throw your trash in it.
Next time you find a phone or a wallet,
Turn it in.
Because then –
The world would be a much happier place to dwell in –
To inhabit.
Now tell me –
Am I not right?