Jun 30, 2008

The Crazed Centaur, S.D.Turann

By Santiago del Dardano Turann

I galloped Pendus Mountain paths of pine wood

My heart with such force thrashing that it could

Kick through my ribs and turn this trail to mud

With seething storms of boiling centaur blood!

It's not the blood red fly-caps' magic in me

(That makes us dance in blissful ecstasy)

But on my back there clings one of those eroi

Who mocking with his arrows makes me his toy.

I am a mighty spearman wielding death

From my thick arms and chest for Achaean and Lapith

I leap up rocks fast as the storm wind blows;

Yet I am conquered by mere vapor arrows.

Pine needles slice my skin, twist my long hair

But can not knock him off, the boy nightmare!

I'll plunge into the icy Peneus River

And in the ageless water purge my fever.