Jun 30, 2008

Loney Meeting, A.L. Auverigne

A Lonely Meeting
By Amanda Lawrence Auverigne

"That movie was so lame." Julia said.
"Yeah, but what did you expect?" Kailee said.
"I expected to be entertained for two and a half hours after giving
the man in the glass box my nine dollars. I mean. Did you even laugh
once? I think it was supposed to be a comedy." Julia said.
"With all of those body parts flying and people exploding? I thought
it was horror?" Kailee asked.
"And all those explosions. I mean, how many times can you torch the
same house and not realize that the guy you're after is not in it?"
Julia said.
"It was the same house? I counted a couple of apartment buildings, a
boat house a castle." Kailee said.
"Yeah, and what was that whole thing with the castle? They just like
ended up in another country after falling into the ocean." Julia
"I thought they fell in a dam." Kailee said.
"How can you fall into a dam? You can fall into a reservoir. Not a
dam. You can fall on top of a dam. Not in it." Julia said.
"They did. Just before they blew it up." Kailee said.
"They blew up a lot of stuff in that movie. And it didn't help that
when the people talked you couldn't hear a word they were saying. But
when they started shooting it was really loud." Julia said.
"I guess they figured they could get everyone's attention by making
the violence really really loud." Kailee said.
"Well, two and a half hours of my life. Gone!" Julia said.
"Well, there's an art film playing at the Price Theatre on Triton
Avenue. Let's try to catch it. It's like three buck day or
something." Kailee said.
"What's playing?" Julia said.
"Some movie about some pervert who locks a girl up in a room and
plays mind games with her. She gets out and she starts stalking him.
Does the same to him and then at the end she has to decide if she's
gonna do him in or not. It got a lot of good reviews at that Italian
film festival. And oh, it's in French." Kailee said.
"Okay, let's go." Julia said.